Students come face to face with our TOXIC culture day-in and day-out. Yes, we believe our culture is spiritually toxic! And as leaders, the important questions to ask ourselves are: “How can we invade the culture with the life-changing, spirit-altering gospel of Jesus Christ? What does it take for our students to live among the toxicity without becoming INFECTED by it?”


It takes a “remedy.” Jesus is the remedy. The church is the remedy. And students can be a part of the remedy as they do life at home, at school and in the community. God wants His people to be light amongst darkness, a [preserving] salt amongst decay, and a loving church amongst a hateful culture.

Who We Are:

We are a student ministry here to help students live out the gospel in their daily lives. Life is all about Jesus and on Wednesdays, we want to embody that too. We believe Jesus was a fun-loving man who enjoyed people, and we try and emulate that every Wednesday evening. Our goal here is to connect people with Jesus and connect people with each other.

Come be part of The Remedy.


Life Groups

Student Life Groups Our Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the YAC (Youth & Activities Center) and the purpose is for our students to grow in their faith by studying Scripture together. Our awesome adult leaders aim to make the students’ group “their group,” and try and talk to their students about 30% of the time, while leaving our youth to vocalize their faith, ask questions and talk about the topics relevant to them for about 70% of their time together. We desperately want students to graduate high school with the ability to vocalize and verbalize their faith in Jesus. We are divided into small groups by grade and gender so that we can have manageable numbers to get to know Jesus, the church and each other better. The smaller group atmosphere also allows our leaders to be a hand to the students’ families as we all seek to connect people to the church and to Christ.

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Suicide & Self-Harm

Depression and Anxiety

Mission Warner Robins 2017

Beach Retreat 2016

The Home Remedy - Episode 1

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Home Remedy


Kickoff Banquet, March 3


Worship led by Neal Hartley


Big Game day, March 5

Fall Retreat 2017

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