I am afraid because I don’t know the answers to my kid’s questions.

I think my kids will find this boring or annoying.

If we start, I don’t think we will finish.

Spiritual conversations can be awkward.

These are some of the struggles we face when we try to lead family devotionals. Good news! We’ve made it easy for you to access a simple, straightforward resource that will help you lead your family spiritually through the Gospel of John.

This study through John has three parts:

1. Book Summary helps you answer questions and build your confidence as you study John. In two pages, you learn the Setting, Overview, and Theme of the book of John.

2. Reading Plan helps you avoid being overwhelmed. It breaks down the Bible into bite-sized pieces that you can enjoy together as a family.

3. Family Journals help guide the readers’ thoughts through the chapter. Every journal sheet corresponds with a chapter in John and provides space to write (or draw for the little ones), sharing favorite words, and more. This section creates opportunities for spiritual conversations over dinner, at bedtime, or in the car.

Here are the links to download this FREE study:




Hope this helps and cheering for you as you invest in your children!