August 01, 2021

Thanks for serving! Here are some things you can take note of as you serve at the Welcome Center:

– Gaither Vocal Band tickets are on sale today at the main Welcome Center in the lobby. They are $25 a piece for church members, and we take cash and check. The tickets are YELLOW. Please log the buyers information on the clipboard and put the money in the Gaither Vocal Band money box. If someone wants to volunteer, please have them email Monique Gatton at moniqueg@sbcwr.org.

– Tasting Grace has reached capacity as of Friday night. We can no longer register people.

– Wednesday Night Promotion is beginning today–July 11. The basic information is Awana, Wednesday Night Suppers, Women’s Bible Studies, Midweek for Students, etc. are all starting back on Wednesday, August 11. 

– Second Kids needs Awana volunteers. They have a table up in the lobby for volutneers to sign up and to register children who will be attending Awana. 

– Backpacks for Appalachia are due August 29.

– To buy tickets for the Senior Adult Luncheon, Pastor Gary has a volunteer at the end of the counter. They will be available for purchase each Sunday.