About Women’s Ministry

Proverbs 14:1… “Every wise woman builds her house…”

The Women’s Ministry of Second Baptist Church Warner Robins is designed for women of all ages in all seasons of life. We believe God has uniquely gifted women for special service in His kingdom. Our heartfelt desire is to provide opportunities for women to study the Word of God, thereby equipping them to use their God given gifts and talents.

Mission Statement

Reach women for Jesus – Teach women of Jesus – Encourage women in Jesus

Ministry Vision

  • Teach women to know God through His Word.
  • Equip women to reach beyond the walls of Second Baptist Church into their communities that others may come to know Christ.
  • Bring women into the fellowship of Second Baptist Church that they may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Minister to women right where they are.

You may email comments & questions to the team at: womensministry@sbcwr.org


  • Weekly Bible Study / Tuesday Morning and Wednesday Evening (August thru May)
  • Ministry Outreach
  • Special Events
  • Tasting Grace
  • Grace Tables

GRACE Tables

GRACE Tables: Giving Rest and Connecting Everyone. The table is a wonderful place to talk about Jesus and what He’s doing in our lives. A welcoming place for a simple meal and table talk with Christ-centered conversations. A place to connect with the women in your Life Group.

We are inviting you to host a GRACE Table with the ladies in your Life Group based on Acts 2:46 which says, “…they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” It’s 6 women + 4 questions + 2 hours (Acts 2:46). The questions will be provided for you here each month.

September 2019 Grace Tables Questions:

PATIENCE. Life is admittedly busy and time is precious, but when we prioritize speed over everything else, we are missing out not just on God’s will for us but also on his best for us. We miss out on the daily reminder to give God space, to offer him our time, to develop our patience. This month’s GRACE Table Questions give us opportunity to reflect on how we can slow down, wait on God to do His work in our lives, and enjoy each other’s company along the way.

1. God asks us to wait sometimes both in food, but also in life. Think of a time when God asked you to wait. What were the benefits of waiting?

2. Think about what stories you might know about God and food in the Bible, such as God delivering manna to the Israelites in Exodus, or the many meals that Jesus ate with the marginalized throughout the gospels. What do you think God’s priorities are when it comes to food?

3. When you share a meal with others, which is more important: the food on the plate or the people around the table? Why?

4. Biblical hospitality is literally “the love of strangers.” Consider how you might be able to extend Biblical hospitality to people outside of your own friend group.